8th Grade Starts Presidential Election

By Jenna Mark


Hey all you 8th graders out there! In the spirit of the U.S. presidential election, we are having our very own 8th grade election this year. Everyone is expected to participate in the election, whether they are a campaign manager or running for president. The election is not exclusive to the houses, and instead, each house will be split into different political parties. Everybody is expected to join a party.  There will most likely be three parties, each based on a different school interest.

The goal of this election is to have each student partcipate in what it takes to make an election happen, practicing skills that will be needed in four years when 8th graders become registered voters. During his interview, Mr. Dabbs said that this experience was “more about the journey taken than the destination”. The journey will require a lot of effort and work from both the voters and the candidates.

If you are interested in running for president, you first have to get approval from your house principal and your teachers. Make sure you are absolutely positive about running, because if elected, you cannot back out from the position. There will also be a vice president, so presidents, make sure to choose your partner carefully. The responsibilities will be pretty basic, and they incude helping out with some of our 8th grade events.

During the election, we will mirror the general election process. All the voters and campaigners will join parties and register to vote. After this takes place, they will move on to the primaries and campaigning, where you will be supporting the president you want to win and the message they stand for. Then, students will nominate their choice to be president at a nominating convention. Soon after the nominations, the general election will come, where you vote for one president and vice president team, between the three pairs nominated as canidates.The election will occur sometime after the U.S. election, and we should be starting in about a week. Once the election is over, all students are required to complete a reflection.

So, if you want to live out your presidential dreams at an early time in life, get ready for the 8th grade elections. It may be a lot of work, but it is up to all of you to make it a blast!