Sewing Class Makes History Book Covers

By Sarah Elizabeth Fernandez

_mg_2939The sewing class has been hard at work doing history book covers. This class, led by Dr. Hamilton, has been working during 8th period. They are covering about 500 history books. These covers will help them last a long time. They are using plastic sheets to cover and protect these literature wonders. They have created a cutting guide from trim board and blue masking tape. Using tape, they have made guides for cutting individual sections for the books. NJHS will be lending a hand for completing the last part of the covers. While working on this project, I asked some 8th graders, with NJHS, how they felt about this helping out. Abigail Turner told me she was “excited to help our school cover the textbooks and to help the projects around school.” Eric Lee, another student, told me he was excited because “they are our textbooks”, and he thought there was purpose to it because it is “to keep the books from ripping.” Miriam Yampuler was excited “to be helping people.” Many thanks to the PTO for donating these wonderful history books!