Pin Oak Football 2016-17

By: Kat Kelley


Football, who doesn’t love it? This year’s football season is around the corner, and everyone’s very pumped for it. I asked Coach Carter, one of the coaches, about the upcoming season.


Q: Do you think that this year is going to be challenging for the boys, regarding the opposing teams in our district?

A: “In certain ways yes, because in 8th grade they’ll have to go by different rules than last, but we are hoping to have an overall great year.”


Q: Do you have a good idea on who is going to start on this year’s 8th grade team, and is it going to change from last years?


A: “In some ways yes it does change on defense and offense, but we have a good idea on who’s starting.”


Q: How do you feel about this year’s new 7th grade players?


A: “Really good, we have a lot of potential everywhere on the field so we can dominate.”


Q: Who do you think is your biggest competition this year?


A: “Pershing because they normally have decent players and good coaching, but I’m confident we’ll come out on top.”


Q: If you could give the boys any advice, what would you say?
A: “Make sure you’re getting better everyday!”