Cross Country

By Nadia Apolinar


       To find out more about this cross country season, I interviewed one of the cross country coaches, Mr. Merz. He is not only the coach, but also the 7C History teacher. His teams consists of around ninety-five runners this season. What makes it unique is that it is a “No Cut” program, which means that you can’t get cut from the program. The season starts in August and goes until October. I interviewed Mr. Merz and a cross country member, Leah Mei.


Kevriana Scott:                      Cross Country Girls:


Mr. Merz


Q: What are your goals for cross country this year?

A: “My goals are for all my runners to run a faster time every race.”


Q: Are you planning on doing anything special for cross country this year?

A: “This year we’re doing the ‘Color Run’ on October 11 and [we’re getting] t-shirts that look like the US Olympic team uniform.”


Q: Do you have any events that are coming?

A: “The first meet is this [was] Saturday on the tenth, [another] meet on September 21,October 1, and October 8.”


                                                    Leah Mei


Q: How long have you been running? What do you enjoy about running?

“I’ve been running for a year.  I like how when you finish a run, you feel a sense of accomplishment.”


Q: What are your expectations for this years season?

“I think it will be a lot of fun, and I’m especially looking forward to the color run.”


Q: How do feel about the meet this [last] Saturday?

“I’m sort of nervous. I think it will be challenging but fun.”