Behind The Scenes Of The Pin Oak Press

By Emily Jones

     As employees of the school newspaper, we’ve gotten many questions about what it’s like to be members of the Pin Oak Press. From coming up with article ideas to analyzing every article with scrutiny, being a part of this newspaper is no walk in the park. Since this is the first year of the Press, we have high hopes and even higher expectations. Here you can find out what really goes on inside the doors of the Pin Oak Press.

     Here at the Pin Oak Press, most days start off the same – we come in, grab a laptop, and get to work. Recently though, things have been a little more hectic. Due to the fact that this is the first year of the paper, we’re still working out the kinks in everything. We’re trying to find out how many shout-outs and advertisements we need to sell in order to pay for our paper. What was once going to be a bi-weekly publishing has now been pushed to once a month because of the high cost of printing.

     Another problem we’re trying to solve is finding quality topics to write our articles about. Since school began a month ago, we’re having some trouble finding new and exciting things to write about. We don’t want our paper to seem like a repeat each month. If you have any ideas for what we should write about, you can submit them on our website at

      Moving right along, let’s get to the question everyone’s been dying to know the answer to: how do we all get along? A lot of people think that the Pin Oak Press is super competitive and that we are always fight over articles. When I asked our editor-in-chief, Lauren Holcomb, she jubilantly complimented our team. “I think we all get along really well and that we work really well together. All of our jobs fit us each very well. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!”

     Overall, working for the Pin Oak Press is both an exciting and challenging job. From taking photos for each article to rushing to meet our deadlines, this class teaches us a lot about what it’s like to work for a professional paper.  I’m proud of how this paper has gone so far, and I’m honored to be a part of the Pin Oak Press family.