A Passion For Art

By Chloe Atha

     Advanced art is progressively becoming more popular every year. With the arrival of our new art teacher, Ms. Slavin, last year, more people are being accepted into the advanced art classes. In this class, advanced artists with extreme talent create and showcase their work for the rest of the school. Advanced art is open to all 7th and 8th graders who have a love of art. To get into 8th grade advanced art, you have to make a portfolio and talk to the teachers about joining. I talked to 7th grade advanced art teacher, Ms. Slavin, and she said that advanced art is more about entering contests and improving the the artist’s skills while the general art classes are more focused on practicing.

     The advanced art classes have many perks. They get to use higher quality art supplies and a larger variety of paints. The students in the advanced art classes are also trusted by the teachers more, so they get to use exacto blades for projects. This year, the advanced art classes are working on the HISD holiday cards and the Doodle 4 Google contest. In the future, they are entering the rodeo and the Scholastic art contests. During the day, the students go through a routine. They come in and complete a warm up, and then they get straight to the contest or project they are working on. Ms. Slavin said that the kids really have to manage time because she doesn’t tell them what time to switch from one project to another. She gives them a deadline and they are expected to turn in their projects on time.

     The students in advanced art are passionate and sincerely want to improve their art skills. Ms. Slavin said, “Sometimes I learn from my students. It’s not just me teaching them. They teach and inspire me.” If you join advanced art, you will be surrounded by people who have a passion, interest, and love for art. Improve your skills! Win contests! All you have to do is to talk to the art teachers about joining. Showcase your talent next year in advanced art!