Students Lack Outside Lunch Seats

By Jenna Greenberg

      When you become an 8th grader at Pin Oak Middle School, you get the opportunity to sit outside during your lunch period. Because almost all of the 8th graders choose to embrace this privilege, the amount of students sitting outside outnumbers the amount of students the tables can hold. As a result, ⅕ of the 8th graders (per lunch period) end up sitting on the floor. You might think, why don’t they just go inside? The thing is, even if they wanted to go inside, they still wouldn’t have a spot. This is because like the outside lunchroom, the inside lunchroom does not have enough space for everyone to have a seat. To make matters even worse, when it is raining, all of the 8th graders have to go inside. Because of the lack of space, even more of them end up sitting on the floor.

     You would think that the lack of tables would be a money problem, but it turns out that the problem is more about space and not noticing the amount of students on the floor. In fact, there are many more tables at Pin Oak that aren’t in use. The inside lunchroom should alway be prepared to seat every student, although usually this isn’t true. If the 8th grade didn’t sit outside, the inside lunch room would be overflowing. It would probably be a lot like how it is when the weather is bad and all students have to eat inside.

     The Pin Oak Press staff work for you! Dozens of faculty and staff are unaware of the amount of students sitting on the floor. But the question is, are they truly unaware of the students, or do they simply look past it and are unaware of the future problems they could be causing? We went to the A House principal, Ms. Bowman, to discuss the issue. She said that she was unaware of the amount of students sitting on the floor and that she is working on fixing the number of tables. Hopefully, soon enough students won’t have to rush to lunch or cram into tables for a seat outside. Sadly for now, you’re all just gonna have to sit and wait.