Bump! Set! Spike!

By Katherine Kelley

      Recently, the Pin Oak Lady Chargers played in the annual Bellaire Middle School Volleyball tournament. Middle school teams all around Houston including AOS, Presbyterian, ROBS, St. Johns, St. Francis, and many more competed against each other. The tournament started out with a quick 8 a.m. pool game against St. Francis with a score of 25-7 and Pin Oak winning. The pool games determine where you get placed in the bracket. Following up with a 9 a.m. game against St. Mary Magdalene, the Lady Chargers managed to pull out a win with a score of 25-22. The last pool game was at 10:30 playing St. Michael’s Junior Varsity, beating them 25-14. “The morning was a tiring, competitive experience, but I knew my team could pull through.” said Sydney Kelso.

     Back to back after the last game was their first bracket game at 11 a.m. facing Yellowstone, where the Lady Chargers won two sets (25-15, 25-16). Then they played another game versus St. Mary Magdalene at 1 p.m., and the girls had a tough yet close loss in the first set with a score of 20-25. Pin Oak came back around the next two sets (25-16, 15-4). After a long three-hour break, they finally made it to the championship game opposing Tanglewood. The first set was an extreme nail-biter with a final score of 25-23, with Pin Oak winning. After that, the Lady Chargers finally won it all with a score of 25-17!

The Lady Chargers had a victorious first tournament of the season, placing 1st in the Classic Gold bracket! Last year, the Lady chargers played in this tournament as 7th graders winning the 8th grade bracket, and this year they managed to keep their title.

The team became a lot closer after this tournament, learning how to cooperate with each other as a whole. “It was great to see what the other teams had in them, but I’m very proud of my team for finishing on top again this year.” said Lindsey Hou.

After the game, the Bellaire Volleyball coach who had watched the team throughout the whole tournament, picked two girls for the select elite tournament team. The two were Grace Chaney and Kat Kelley. Both felt extremely honored and knew that hard work really payed off! Awesome job, Lady Chargers!