Debate Heats Up for Competiton Season

By Lily Barrow

     If you enjoy arguing and debating from different points of view, joining the Pin Oak Debate team is the perfect opportunity for you! The debate team goes to competitions all over Houston to debate about resolutions or topics. When you debate, you work on a pro and con speech. Each speech can range from a few bullet points to seven minutes. There are 3 forms of debate Lincoln Douglas (which is one on one) , Public Forum (which is two on two), and for the first time in the debate team’s history, Congressional Debate, where you debate on a docket. What makes Pin Oak teams special is that they write their own speeches and research themselves with only guidance from the teacher. Pin Oak debaters develop extraordinary writing abilities and gain confidence in many areas in addition to debate.

      Mr. Switzer, the debate teacher, has very big plans for the team this year. “I want my teams to be prepared and to compete successfully in our six debate tournaments this year, and I want our best teams to be successful in the Nationals Debate.” When asked how he felt about his new congressional kids Mr. Switzer  said. “We have some very gifted students this year, and I expect them to do very well.” The Pin Oak team has done very well in past years and has had very little competition. When asked who he thought would be our biggest competition this year Mr. Switzer said “ Frank Black Middle School, Young Women’s, and T.H.Rogers. But some of our toughest competition is other members of the Pin Oak team.” Our Pin Oak Teams went to nationals last year and are definitely planning on going back. This year they are in Birmingham, Alabama. If we were to give any advice to the Pin Oak teams this year it would be to be proud of yourself, work hard, and practice hard.

We are looking forward to another great year of Debate!