Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. Was It That Bad?

By Michael Hall

     Back when the movie was released, there were tons of remarks on the “controversial” movie from people such as: “Why are the cast mainly women?” “Why is this a remake?” “Why are there only cameos from the original cast?” and many more. However, the critics liked it much more more than the casual movie-goer. You may be confused with the mixed reviews, so as an avid fan of comedy movies, I’m here to help you through the confusion. Heads up, SPOILER ALERT.

PLOT: 4/10

Okay, you may not agree with me on this one, but it’s somewhat a generic and predictable plotline. First off, we’re introduced to the protagonists in a typical, build-up-the-group way. Secondly, the problem is generic for a Ghostbusters movie; instead of having a unique problem and villain, it’s just someone who was treated by society badly and decides to destroy it and become the king of the ravaged world. Even committing suicide to become a ghost and possessing a protagonist is predictable in a ghost movie. However, I have to give them some props for making a new plotline altogether.

DIALOGUE: 6.5/10

Okay, you may think witty and intelligent dialogue is important in all movies, but in a Ghostbusters movie, crass word choice and bad humor is a key component. In the new movie, however, a lot more thought is put into the scripts, for better or worse.

CAST: 7/10

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson, need I say more? In all honesty, the cameos of the original cast were well placed, instead of being blatantly thrown at the viewers. Speaking of the new cast, I thought it was great, with the main actors having background in comedy movies and television. The expression on their faces were priceless when they were spooked by ghosts and their lines were said convincingly. Also, casting Chris Hemsworth as the classic “dumb as a rock” character made all the girls in the theater scream when he was present.


Some things were inevitable, such as all of the leading ladies falling for Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), the good-looking but dumb as a rock secretary, and the classic “I can do it by myself” moment, the return of the ditched friends, and the defeat and death of the villain However, the signature dirty, low-brow humor is alive and well throughout every scene, contributing to the interaction in every scene.

CGI: 9/10

The movie shined in the area we all expected it to, ghosts. Or specifically, the animation. Instead of being the generic glow around a translucent figure, the ghosts give off a pulsating, ethereal glow, while the figures pulsate with shifting colors of similar hue. However, with things like ghosts of creatures, they were done flawlessly with obvious care and time. Despite the fact that the animation was sometimes over the top, it went almost perfectly with the quick and intense action.


Yes, go ahead and call me biased, but I honestly like the new movie. People are complaining about the cast; I don’t care about the new cast being mainly women. People say the comedy is bad; I think bad comedy is a core part of any Ghostbusters movie. People say the plot is bad; it’s a remake, it might not be good, but it’s acceptable in terms of a remade plot for something of that scale with a cult following. To many people, including myself, it will never be on the same level as the original Ghostbusters, but I think that this generation that almost never got to experience the masterpieces that were the original Ghostbusters, this movie will do.