Passionate Actors Take the Stage

By Leah Mei Guttentag

     Advanced theatre is an audition-only class for incoming 7th and 8th graders who are passionate about theatre and acting. The class focuses on both the UIL play and spring musical. The 2016-17 class is made up of a combination of new students, advanced theatre veterans, and former members of intermediate theatre. It differs from both intermediate and beginner theatre in terms of the performance opportunities. “Intermediate theatre is more about learning than performing,” 8th grader Sami Leder explained. She previously spent a year in intermediate theatre before moving up to advanced.

      The UIL play competition and show dates are rapidly approaching. Show dates are October 21, October 26, and October 27. This year the show, Bob: A Life in 5 Acts, has been chosen as the UIL play. Mrs. Boffone explains, “I thought it was a really fun story and there were a lot of good roles for the actors in the UIL/Advanced Theatre class. There is a lot of room to explore and create comedic characters in the script.” It follows a young man named Bob who is put in a series of unfortunate and improbable circumstances on his life journey. Along the way, he discovers many important life lessons. Originally a full length play, it has been shortened following the UIL theater rules.

     UIL theater is competitive acting, where each school competes with a 40 minute play. There can be up to 15 actors, which does not include any tech or stage managers. The first competition is called “zone”, and if you win, you’ll advance to “district”. The “zone” competition is November 15. Mrs. Boffone advised, “Focus, trust your preparation, and take care of each other. Do the best performance you know you can and trust that your cast mates will do the same – You are a team!”