POMS Football Faces Off Against Welch MS

By Kat Kelley

      These past few weeks, both 7th and 8th grade football teams faced Welch Middle School. The 7th grade team had a rough first game by losing 20-0. Last year, Welch also beat the 7th grade team, and Coach Carter was hoping for a comeback this year. Hopefully, next year will be different. Both offensive and defensive sides had some trouble getting back on track, but the coaches will work on these skills during after school practices. 

     For the 8th grade team, they held their first victory beating Welch 40-0. Zach Nguyen scored four touchdown in the first half, and Gannon Amendola scored the final touchdown of the second half. Randy Pineda was a perfect 5 for 5 with the extra point kicks. The twenty-six member defensive line would record a second straight shutout for the season not letting opposing players touchdowns. It was highlighted with an interception by Anthony Romero. Way to go, Chargers!