8th Grade Finishes Parties and Platforms

By Jenna Mark

     The presidential race has begun! As of Friday, September 30th, all of 8th grade received a packet of information that started their presidential election. This packet contained information on the different stages of the election and how the students will conduct them. Stage one of the election, parties and platforms, has already started.

     So far, unless preparing to run for president, each student of the 8th grade has filled out a voter registration card, becoming registered voters. During these last few history class periods, students created a compact, specific to each class, that will be referred to each time they hold Socratic seminars. These Socratic seminars, formal discussions in which the leader asks open-ended questions, will debate different issues, such as dress code or discipline. The seminars will be led by the governor of the state, where each history class is its own state and the students have decided the name of their state and nominated a governor.  Based off of what is said during these seminars, students will take a survey that will ask their stance on different issues and affiliate them with different parties based off of their stance. Basically, students have become registered voters and are working towards developing and joining different political parties and their platforms.

     The 8th grade has begun stage one, but there are many more to come. As seen in the packet received, the Pin Oak Press is mentioned many times. To get all the different positions in this election and quotes from candidates about why students should vote for them, the Pin Oak Press needs all of 8th grade’s cooperation to get all the needed information. If a candidate or anyone else wants to be interviewed or has critical and important information about the election, then contact the Pin Oak Press and schedule an interview or leave a comment on pinoakpress.org.

     So set your calendars, the primaries are coming up soon and the elections after that. Time is flying by, so make sure to contact the Pin Oak Press to give us the full story. Hopefully, by the end of this election, each and every 8th grader will be able to answer the essential question, “How do elections work in the US and in what roles and responsibilities can I take part?”