Get Your Pep On For Pin Oak

By Sarah Elizabeth Fernandez

     A pep rally is a staple for any homecoming. At Pin Oak, we put our Charger Spirit into ours. The pep rally is on October 25. Coach Fredricks commented, “The pep rally is good for the school. It helps improve the school spirit. Everyone joins even if they’re not athletic. They pump the athletes up, and the most important part is that all the students are part of it, whether they are athletes or not.”

     In addition, members of the Company and Crew dance teams gave an inside look. Alice Giannoni from 8A shared, “Crew does a hip hop dance. Company does a jazz funk dance, and they both do a hip hop group dance together.” Isabelle Ajdiou, a 7C company dancer, said “I’m really excited! I can’t wait for the school to see what Company and Crew will be performing! It’ll be a lot of fun for us.” In reference to Company and Crew’s practice schedule, she said that they practice during, before, and after-school.

     Sya High spoke about the upcoming homecoming dance: it is “dancing but with pom-poms like cheerleaders.” Cheerleader, Serena Bezanis, said “I’m excited for the pep rally. We have a dance prepared.” She said that they have practice three times a week during second period. They also practice for a few minutes before each game.

     The football players make an entrance at the pep rally; Matt Goeddeke, the “starting defensive end” player said, “I’m confident because Coach Carter and Coach Fuji make us run a lot, and I feel that we are very conditioned. I’m excited to see my teammates and represent the school football team for 7th grade.” There is tons of excitement for the pep rally, and we cannot wait for it!