Jewish Holidays-School Or Not

By Sami Leder

     This week, a survey question was posed to a variety of teachers and students. Should Pin Oak Middle School take school days off for the Jewish High Holidays such as Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the day of repentance)? Why or why not? Though answers varied, the majority seemed to agree that school days should in fact be taken off for Jewish holidays.

Leah Mei Guttentag, 7C: “They shouldn’t because the majority of the student body isn’t Jewish. It’s fine if the Jewish kids skip school on those days, but it shouldn’t be taken off for everyone.”

Sydney Schwartje, 8A: “They should because we get off for Christian holidays such as Christmas and Good Friday.”

Charlotte Durham, 8A: “Yes, because although there aren’t very many Jews on campus, they still miss lessons and work when they don’t have a choice.”

Hurmant Syed, 8A: “We should because it’s respectful to the religion.”

Ms. Parker, 8A English: “Students should be allowed to take the day off if they are needed to do so, but if we took the day off for everybody, then we must extend the school year. All in all, I just believe it should remain the same.”

Madame Tomlinson, French: “Ideally, we would be able to observe holidays for every religion. Unfortunately, Pin Oak is unable to make those decisions and it’s up to the district.”

Mrs. Bowman, House A Principal: “I don’t know. We should to be respectful, but then again, if we took school days off for every major holiday, no one would learn anything.”

     Well there you have it, readers; fellow POMS students and staff members’ views and opinions on taking off for the Jewish High Holidays! If you have a survey idea for Pin Oak Press or would like to share your thoughts, please go to our website ( and submit your ideas!