New Hip Hop Teacher

By Nadia Apolinar


        Have you had the privilege of meeting the new Hip Hop teacher, Mr. Harleston? He has danced for Bryson Tiller, Beyonce, Drake, Justin Bieber, and an upcoming artist Tom Stith. He’s traveled to places around the world such as Tokyo, New York City, parts of California, London, and Monterey. He is also a teacher and dance at Soreal Dance Studio. For college, Mr. Harleston attended Texas Southern University. He took over Mr. Sanchez and has been teaching at Pin Oak for three months. On top of that, he came to school here at Pin Oak 2007 through 2010. His favorite color is green and favorite animal is a lion. Upcoming events for him include a dance competition called World of Dance which takes place on October 22.  

      If you are in hip hop this year, either returning or new, be ready to have an enormous amount of fun and fall in love with dance. Not only does he dance at a studio and teach many classes at Pin Oak, but he also coaches and conditions the Pin Oak Crew. Expect to see Crew perform at the pep rally on October 25. Also on  November 5, Crew will perform at Charger Fest.