Who Won the Presidential Debate?

By Jackson Osteen

     Every four years, the famous Presidential Debate plays on every television in the United States and around the world. A record breaking eighty-four million people watched the debates this year, (80% of voters) which seconds only the Super Bowl as the most watched program in 2016. The thing is, what are the criteria for taking a win with all of America watching your every move? I have three things to keep in mind before you make your decision on who won the debate this year.

     The Bugs Bunny Principal: The common idea, first proposed by journalist Jeff Greenfield, states that in every debate there are two candidates, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Bugs Bunny represents the calm, soft spoken candidate, that always keeps their cool. Daffy Duck represents the easily agitated, intense candidate. He proposes that in every election for the past 60 years, the Bugs Bunny character wins. In 1960 election, President John F. Kennedy represented the Bugs Bunny Character, while Richard Nixon represented the Daffy Duck character, leading to JFK’s victory. In 1980, Ronald Reagan represented the Bugs Bunny candidate, and Jimmy Carter was the Daffy Duck.

     The Content of Their Case: The second principle to think about while making your decision is who had the best responses to each question the  moderator asked (Lester Holt). Each candidate seemed to stick well to their personal beliefs, which means their references and responses are a good representation of their true character. Also, both candidates were asked about some of their biggest flaws. For Hillary, it was the emails, and for Trump, it was the tax “fraud”. Trump responded that not paying his federal income tax “makes me smart”. The New York Times just released a statement saying that the tax returns may have been justified because he suffered nine hundred sixteen million dollar loss and with a tax code stating: “A business, big or small, can escape taxation if it lost money in a previous year,” a rule that helps businesses weather tough economic times and hopefully thrive again. Which means using this rule, Trump could have escaped at least two decades of tax returns. When Hillary was asked about her email controversy she responded with, “I made a mistake using a private email. I am not going to make excuses. It was a mistake.” The question is which candidate responded the best to these tough questions?

     The Youths’ Opinion: We took a poll of students here at Pin Oak to see what they thought of the debate. To no one’s surprise Hillary took the cake this time,  with a 90% percent victory according to students. The young people of America are the future of the direction our government will take. The youths’ opinions are a major factor as many of the eighth graders will be able to vote by the time one of the candidates runs for re-election.