By Jenna Greenberg

Recently, the Pin Oak Chargers had their annual homecoming game. Homecoming was on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. The 8th grade football team played the Lanier Pups and won with a dominating 34-6. Many other students also participated in the homecoming night such as cheering on the sidelines, dancing during half-time, and playing in the school band.

Along with all the proud Chargers, there’s also the Pin Oak football coaches. Coach Fujiwara, one of the coaches, said, “We did great. [The team] gave 100%.” Coach Grantham, the other coach, commented, “[We got] off to a slow start, but we rebounded and scored 34 points, which was great.”

During halftime, the Pin Oak Company dance team performed. They did an energetic dance to “Break a Sweat.” Ms. Reilly, the company coach, said, “I was very proud with Company for their halftime performance. The team practiced very hard. I was very happy with their first performance. I feel as the field director, that all the girls’ hard work paid off.”

Another team who had tons of school spirit were the cheerleaders. Ms. Taylor, the cheerleading coach, commented, “I think they rocked the house! They did real[ly] well on the field performing. And they were really peppy cheering on the sidelines.”

During the whole game, the Pin Oak band was in the bleachers. They did an amazing performance of many catchy songs and beats. Everyone in band did a good job playing our team to victory.

In the end of the day, everyone did awesome at homecoming. Hats off to all of the participants for allowing Chargers could go home with our heads held high.