By Sarah E. Fernandez

Home Economics is something we all see in the movies, but what really is it? Home Economics is a class that teaches different life skills, such as basic cooking and manners. Ms. Audi, the Home Economics teacher, said that students have currently wrapped up their unit on “proper table manners and overall manners.” The class consists of students from 7th and 8th grade. Ella Dale, a 7C student, commented that her favorite part of Home Economics is making pizza and grilled cheese. She also said she enjoys learning about cooking and rules around the house. Another project they have been working on is fancy napkin folding. There are nine different styles, including the rose. The class also had a mini competition to create their own styles. Some unique student creations included a unicorn, a crazy hat, and Yoda. Other activities the students do include watching the television show, MasterChef, in class, and so far they have made lemonade, guacamole, pizza, and grilled cheese. They have been learning some really helpful and delicious skills!