By Katherine Kelley

This years swim team is looking to dominate! The swim season runs from early November to February. The swim team is open to all 7th and 8th graders (boys and girls). The team usually holds up 8-12 people in each age/gender group. The four different groups compete in different competitions. The 2 coaches are Coach Coffman Fujiwara and Coach Johnson.

Mr. Johnson quoted that, “I’m very excited for the upcoming season, the kids are great. It’s fun.”

The 8th graders from last year are also looking forward to return, and the new 7th graders are excited to join the team and start. He also responded to if he’s thinking of working or changing anything from last to this year, “Yes, we are working on some little fine points, like starts and turns.”

The swim team had a great record from last year and looking to have an even better one this year. The season also looks extremely packed with lots of events, but we know our chargers can work hard and pull through!