By Chloe Atha
Every year, the school publishes a yearbook that is filled with the students and memories from the past school year, but who makes the book? The Yearbook Staff, of course! The staff takes pictures of the students and constructs the pages that make up the book. According to student Lauren Holcomb, everyone picks a few pages of the yearbook that they are in charge of making. This teaches the students about responsibility and time management. The yearbook students also make advertisements for the book to put around school. At the end of the year, students who purchased a yearbook will receive one for their friends and teachers to sign.
The yearbook students get many privileges. They are allowed access to all sports, events, and dances for free. They also get to roam the school, taking pictures of the students and faculty. When they get back to class, they work on editing, photoshopping their pictures, and designing their given yearbook pages.
If a student wants to join yearbook next year, all they have to do is brush up on their photography and photoshopping skills, and they have to turn in a Yearbook application to Ms. Beckman, the yearbook teacher. Yearbook is a fun and exciting and joining will definitely be a great learning experience.