By Amber Harrell

Have you ever wondered what goes inside of your school’s office, how you got enrolled, or where the money for our fun social events comes from? The following are a few of the many people who help our school be the well-organized establishment it is.

Norma Ruiz has been working with HISD for 28 years and started working at Pin Oak in January 2016 as Mrs. Graves’ secretary. She did not attend a university, but if she were to do so, she would like to attend Texas A&M. Her favorite color is baby blue, influenced by the charger spirit. A fun fact about Ms. Ruiz is that she teaches Zumba. In fact, her nickname is the “Zumba Queen”._mg_3296-1

Ms. Wesley has been with the district for 15 years. She has spent two of them at Pin Oak as the Business Manager. As the school’s Business Manager, she is in charge of ordering supplies, correcting payroll, and making sure any data going to the district is factual. Her full name is Billie Wesley and her favorite color is red.

Ms. Marquez’s full name is Felissa Montano Marquez. She’s been with HISD for three years, and with Pin Oak for a year as our attendance clerk. Her favorite colors are purple and red.


Mr. Berry’s favorite color is blue. He’s been working for the district for 11 years and Pin Oak for 10. Interestingly, since he was eight years old, he has been obsessed with moving to England. He was an undergraduate from Wright State University.