By Emily Jones

This year, the Pin Oak Dance Department performed their class dances at ChargerFest. “All eight classes performed,” Ms. Reilly said. “The dance classes performed lyrical/ contemporary dances, and the hip hop classes performed hip hop.” Over four hundred of our students danced to the nines in the Pin Oak gym November 5th. ChargerFest was said to be a “sneak peek” of what’s to come at Winter Showcase.

“I think sixth period had the most unique dance.” Ms. Reilly implied to the Pin Oak Press. Sixth period danced to the song “Gasoline” by Halsey, which is very grungy and different. Ms. Reilly was excited for her girls to get out there and run their dances at ChargerFest. “The students rose to the occasion and danced well, so I thought the all the dances were a hit!” The audience for this year’s performances were in for a treat!