By Madeline Hsu

Most people haven’t heard about Dr. Fong’s 3D printer. Last year, she had a club for students that were interested in learning and having a hands-on experience in 3D printing. It became very popular. Unfortunately, this year she doesn’t have the club. She noted that she didn’t have it because it would be hard to make meaningful progress designing or printing something in just 20 minutes every other week.  Currently, no one offers 3D printing as an elective, but Dr. Fong stated that she would love to offer it when time allows.

The 3D printer makes your product layer by layer. It reads the codes that are made and computes it. Since the printer works layer by layer, it takes a very long time to create something as small as a watch. Imagine how long it would take to make a computer model. It can pretty much make anything imaginable, but at Pin Oak, the 3D printer is limited to plastic resin and only one color at a time.

Dr. Fong said that one thing she thinks is cool about the 3D printer is that it is such a versatile and powerful tool to allow people to be very creative in problem solving. She also stated that she thinks it is awesome that 3D printers enable students to solve real world problems with creativity and ingenuity. We all wish to see 3D printing as a choice of club or elective sometime in the near future.