By Caitlin Rangel

Stage is Pin Oak’s personal band and has definitely improved over the years. Since last year’s 8th grade stage band members left, they now have new and talented band members. I interviewed the bass player, Griffin Decker, of stage band.The bass player commented, “I think that we all get along with each other really well and are comfortable with each other, and we balance each other out.”

Stage Band has had lots of great performances, and they have many upcoming shows in the future. They performed on November 5th at Charger Fest, and before they performed, he said, “Stage Band is really excited about this performance, and Charger Fest is always a big deal for us each year and playing at pep rally was great even though we had some minor technical issues. It was a great experience.”

He continued, “The new people are great, but once we all get used to the new people, we will be better than we are now, and Mr. Huezo does believe that we can be better and as do I.”