By Leah Mei Guttentag

Club Tennis is a unique new after school activity for everyone from tennis beginners to pros! “Of our 48 members, 21 of the students have played 4 years of more of tennis, 14 have played 1.5-4 years, and 13 have played a year or less,” Mrs. Davis, Club Tennis leader, explained. Initially, the club had planned to only allow 24 students to play for an hour after school. However, due to a great deal of hard work by Mrs, Graves, Mr. Alaniz, and Coach Fredricks, the club was able to expand. Mrs. Davis said, “The interest in our team was so great that we now have 2 hours of tennis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 27 kids play in the first hour with 3 tennis pros. 21 kids play the second hour with 2 tennis pros. We have a wait list of 11 students wanting to join Club Tennis.”

Practice for Club Tennis is much like any other sport. It starts with warming up and stretching before moving into drills. They then focus on drills that will help improve shot control, placement and basic strategy. Finally, each player learns how to play a match, keep score, and basic rules of tennis along with tennis etiquette. For this season, Club Tennis will not be playing against other schools. When other schools’ tennis programs start in the spring, Mrs. Davis said she would look into matches. Mrs. Davis explained, “I started Club Tennis because I thought it would be a great opportunity for the students and for Pin Oak Middle School!