By Nadia Apolinar                 

Today’s generation of kids spend most of their free time on their electronics. Due to this, apps become popular quickly. The following are three of the most popular apps for social media.

The most popular app is Instagram according to the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram. Many people are mad at Instagram, because it is rumored that Instagram stole some ideas from Snapchat. Even though all that the app is still everything people love. Just look at how many users they have. There are at least 500 million users. Allan, a student in 7C, said “It’s eh.”

The second most popular app is Snapchat. Its features include filters, call, video chat, and leave messages for people. Snapchat also created their own emojis. There many new updates on the app that make the app run more smoothly and make it easier to use. A student in 7C, Alaylah, said “I love Snapchat.”

Last but not least, is the third most popular app. It has about 100 million users. Many people get famous from the app, like Loren Gray Beech, Ariel Martin, and Mark Thomas. The users use hand movements and can lip sync to famous songs. Many get featured, thats how they become famous. Shewit from 7C said, “I hate It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”



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