By Albert Wright 

Where did the water bottle flipping trend come from? A large sum of students do water bottle flips just for the fun of it. Water bottle flipping started in the early months of 2016. Mike Senatore presented this trick at a talent show at Ardrey Kell High School and then posted his successful feat on YouTube. Throughout the night, he became an internet star, and people began performing this everywhere.

Whenever one flips a water bottle, the joy of landing on the bottom is thrilling. Some adults don’t exactly comprehend the thrill of this viral trend. There are several consequences that students may receive if they participate in this challenge in school. The consequences are a detention or ISS. About a month ago, a student in the cafeteria flipped a water bottle, and it landed on the top left pedestals of a window. Students in the cafeteria cheered and screamed. Remember to be mindful of the people around you because if someone does a bottle flip the people around that person will be accused of bottle flipping.