By Sami Leder

Naturally, everyone wants a safe, kind-hearted environment free of hate and cruelty, especially here at Pin Oak. That is where the No Place for Hate Club comes in to serve its purpose.

Pin Oak’s No Place for Hate Club is led by Ms. Clower (the guidance counselor) and Ms. Foster (8B science teacher) and strives to better the POMS community by promoting kindness, affection, and acceptance. Ms. Clower explained, “Our first project will be the Intentional Acts of Respect one.” In advocacy on Tuesday, November 1st,  students were exposed to the Intentional Acts of Respect project. In the presentation, students were shown a video of teachers telling students how they motivate them to come to school every morning. Following the video, they discussed what respect is, what it looks and feels like, and also rated how respectful our school is.

Another project in the club is the Resolution of Respect contract, and they are working to get all students and staff members to sign a cluster copy of the document. By signing the Resolution of Respect, one agrees to creating a prejudice-free zone and inducing respect, acceptance, and compassion in the community.

The third project No Place for Hate Club has in store is the Humans of Pin Oak project. Students may be familiar with the Humans of New York (@humansofny) Instagram account, which posts pictures of all types of people in New York City to promote equality and end prejudice. The Humans of Pin Oak project aims to do the same, promoting equality between students of different races, religions, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and backgrounds, but also students of different houses and grades. Solving the tension between all of houses will be a main focus of the No Place for Hate Club this year, as lately, many students feel as if there is unrest between the houses at times.

Essentially, No Place for Hate Club aspires to create a safer, more caring environment for all students and staff members at Pin Oak and wants to completely eliminate hatred from our community. How will you help the cause?