By Adele Beebe

New York Fashion Week was held on September eighth through fifteenth. There were lots of amazing outfits, but one of them stood out among the others. It was Amruta Fadnavis who wore a handloomed dress made by talented designers.  What’s the catch?  The designers are children!

Chasa Institute of Design and Technology showcased the talent of young designers, who were mainly daughters of farmers and porters.  The project was to spread support for girls’ education as well as promote handmade looms.  

“It is a novel initiative.” said Amruta, “ I believe when we educate a girl child, we educate a family. And when the family is educated, the country moves ahead.”

In fact, we have plenty of talented young designers here at Pin Oak! “I’ve made scarves,” commented Alex, a seventh grade student.  She said that she learned how to make the scarf off of YouTube, which proves that you don’t have to be a high end designer to be able to make something.  

The point of this experiment was to prove that you can come from anywhere and still design some amazing outfits. The Chasa Institute is continuing to empower girls around the nation. If you’re interested in fashion design, Pin Oak has some great clubs and even a sewing elective!