By Lauren Holcomb

1) Do you support the LGBTQ community?

  1. a) Totally! Equality!
  2. b) No way! Never.
  3. c) Doesn’t matter to me.

2)  Who should receive tax cuts and who should pay higher taxes?

  1.  a)Middle/low class get cuts and wealthy pay more
  2.  b)  Everyone gets tax cuts!
  3.  c)  Whomever the government wants.

3) Owning illegal drugs results in punishment. How severe should it be?

  1. a) month jail time!
  2. b) 1 year jail time or DEATH!
  3. c) Let them be, it doesn’t matter.

4)  Should the government be more involved or less involved in our Healthcare?

  1. a) Involved! They help so much!
  2. b) Out! All their “help” will drive up prices, not lower them!
  3. c) They can do what they want. Whatever they’re doing now is fine.

5) Many states have different gun policies. What’s your opinion on the issue?

  1. a) Stricter gun regulations please! I’m scared to leave the house!
  2. b) Everyone should own a gun! Protecting yourself is important.
  3. c) If you want a gun, get one. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s simple.

6) Did you root for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

  1. a) Hillary Clinton! I’m with her.
  2. b) Donald Trump! He’ll make America great again.
  3. c) They are both idiots. I’m moving to France. Au revoir.

7) The minimum wage at the moment is $7.25. Is this amount too low or too high?

  1. a) Too low, for sure. People deserve more than that for any work they do.
  2. b) Keep it low. Minimum work deserves minimum pay.
  3. c) Pay isn’t my problem! I’m still a student!




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