By Maia Vo

This year at Charger Fest, there were multiple International Fest booths with different countries, cultures, and foods. All of the World Cultures teachers, Mr. Franco, Mr. Switzer, and Mr. Meyer, were involved with helping the 6th graders make posters to be displayed with each of their chosen countries. One poster was displayed per country and everyone that worked on that county took turns to manage that booth.

Students were able to choose whatever country they desired. The International Festival was organized according to continent and region along Main Street and the A and B house commons. While families were at Charger Fest, food was displayed everywhere within that country’s culture. Some people even dressed up to represent people who lived in their country. A majority of students said that the project was a fun and interesting way to learn about other countries around the world.

Looking back, the 2016 International Fest was very eventful and a fun way to learn about the world we live in from these enthusiastic 6th graders.