By Aria Jochnau

This past Saturday, many students and their families attended Pin Oak’s annual event, ChargerFest. From fun games to exciting performances, ChargerFest this year was definitely a blast for everyone!

Sixth grade students participated in the International Festival, a segment of ChargerFest, by presenting information about the country that they researched alongside their tri-fold boards. Countries included the Philippines, Greece, South Africa, and Israel. Also, some students also bought or made delicious food samples from their countries to give others a feel of the culture in their country.

In addition, students displayed their talents of singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments at the fine arts performances. Stage band started off the shows with a big bang and the dance and hip hop classes and teams ended the show with  impressive skills. Pin Oak’s choirs performed to catchy songs such as “Broadway Baby.” Orchestra and guitar both blew the audience away with their powerful performances. There is no doubt that the Fine Arts Department knocked our socks off with their stellar shows!

The fun didn’t stop there. Children and adults were able to enjoy fun carnival games such as the bundt cake walk, basketball, and frisbee toss. Prizes were given to kids who won tickets from games. There were also attractions such as the bungee run,  inflatable pony racers, Jacob’s Ladder, and Orbitron ride. Many students enjoyed seeing their teachers and coaches, such as Mr. Nigoche, Mrs. Ajdiou, and Coach Carter, getting dunked at the dunk tank. There was a lot of water spraying for sure. Advanced art students provided face painting and a button making activity, helping kids make and assemble their own personalized buttons.

ChargerFest 2016 did not magically happen. Without the committee of twenty-six volunteers as well as teachers and parents, ChargerFest would not have been possible. Jenny Hanks, a PTO committee member who helped with the preparation, commented, “We first met with the co-chairs from last year in May. The bulk of the planning really started in June, from reserving the vendors to sending letters for sponsorships.” Thank you to all who put lot of time and hard work to help this fantastic event come together.

ChargerFest was definitely a day filled of fun for students as well as their families. A combination of learning, playing, watching, and performing made ChargerFest a huge hit this year.