Michael Hall

Back in mid-August, there was a reported sighting of people in clown suits wandering the woods of South Carolina. This seemed small at first, until groups of clowns started roaming the streets of towns across the nation. It  soon escalated to the point where there has been murder, various attacks, and many threats to schools. Despite all of this, the clowns’ top priority is to scare, not harm. The threats to schools were only empty threats, and many of the clowns aren’t armed. But one can’t help but wonder: is this just an insignificant trend, or is this something sinister?

Professional clowns are enraged with this trend. They say that this is giving them a bad reputation and making it harder for them to get hired. This is making it extremely hard to be a clown as a full-time job. When the clowns who try to harm and scare people make the news, but the clowns who try to make us laugh and entertain us don’t, something is very wrong. Hopefully, the harmless clowns can find work or pick up a second job.

What’s the final verdict about the clown problem? It’s something to be cautious about, but not something to lose sleep over. Stay safe when staying out late. The clowns may seem harmless, but caution should be advised. It’s bound to end with less mention of it over the news and the internet. With Halloween gone, hopefully these clowns will be too.