By Lily Barrow

Have you ever met our B House principal, Jon Alaniz? He has been working here for two years. He went to Stephen F. Austin State and got his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Mr. Alaniz has many roles as the principal of B House. Some include serving as a counselor for B House students and informing his eighth grade students on high schools. “I also serve as a discipline provider for B House students, help with PE, and work with the Social Studies teachers on their lessons,” he explained. He added that he definitely enjoys helping with the pickup and drop off system.

Lots of students participate in extracurricular activities such sports or clubs, and so does Mr. Alaniz. “I like watching watching sports and going to Astros games. I am relearning how to play golf, and I also love spending time with my family.” “My favorite food is definitely steak and my favorite color is orange. Also, my favorite board game is The Game of Life,” he said. One thing he wants everyone to know about him is that he is a nice and positive person.