By Chloe Atha

New to Pin Oak last year, the chickens have taken up a home in the back garden. There are four chickens in the garden, living in a very stylish chicken coup that is painted red and white. The feathered animals are a red brown color and have bright red combs on their head. The chickens are a big hit with all the students and teachers. Sometimes, teachers can be seen out back with the chickens. Student Jenna Greenberg said “I’ve seen the chickens, and it’s pretty cool and interesting that our school has chickens!”

The chickens were brought to our school for the new elective, Urban Agriculture. In Urban Agriculture, Students learn about plants, herbs, animals and much more. They also get the opportunity to take care of the new chickens.  The students in the class take care of the chickens, giving them food and water and cleaning out their home. A student in Urban Agriculture commented that taking care of the chickens was fun and that she really enjoyed seeing them everyday. The chickens are not only used for fun, but also for learning purposes. The feathered animals teach the students much needed time managements skills and responsibility that are sure to help them in their studies and even later on in life.

In conclusion the new chickens are a great new addition to the school because they are not only very exciting, but they are a learning experience for all the kids who get to see and take care of them. The only question left is…

Got Chickens?