By Michael Hall

Recently, Apple released the new iPhones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but this year, the phones aren’t exactly better in every way. Apple removed the headphone jack, enraging many iPhone users. However, the removal of the headphone jack was necessary for the new features that Apple added.

First off, the cameras have been vastly improved. The default model has a single lens camera that holds its own well, but the Plus has a dual-lens camera, a wide-angle, and a telephoto camera. The dual-lens camera allows you to take beautiful pictures without compromising your view.

One reason Apple removed the headphone jack was that they redesigned the enclosure so that it would be waterproof. The waterproofing won’t let you submerge it completely, though. It makes the phone spill-proof, splash-proof, and also adds dust resistance.

Don’t you just hate breaking your phone screen? The new screen material, Gorilla Glass 5, fixes this problem. It is extremely tough and can be dropped from five feet with an 80% chance to remain intact.

The iPhone now has dual stereo speakers that are twice as loud when compared to the iPhone 6, another feature not possible with a headphone jack. If you still want audio, you can buy wireless headphones. If you want to stick to wired headphones, an adapter is shipped in the box.

While the old iPhone comes in classic silver, gold, and rose gold colors, there are two new colors/finishes for the two new phones: matte black and jet black, a glossy black finish. However, there are some drawbacks. The matte black is somewhat slippery, and jet black scratches easily. They’re still amazing finishes that I recommend.   

The iPhone 7 is also the most powerful phone to date, even when compared with Android phones. Apple has stated that the iPhone 7 has twice the processing power as the 6, and has three times the graphics power as the 6.

With all the new features, there are new problems. On the Plus, the smaller storage models have slower data transfer time. While this may not affect most people, it’s still a big problem for those who constantly download songs and movies to their phone from their computer. Additionally, when under load, the Plus will emit a faint hissing noise.

I would recommend the regular iPhone 7 to everyone looking for an all-around, all-purpose phone. However, I would not recommend the Plus until Apple releases a statement saying they resolved the issues with the Plus. A solid 8/10 goes to the regular model, and a 6/10 for the plus due to some questionable problems.