By Sami Leder

Pin Oak students are notorious for their keen sense of knowledge and stupendous intellect, so the Pin Oak Press decided to put them to the test with a series of trivia questions.

There are five trivia categories, each with one question from each that students must answer. The categories are History/Politics, Science/Animals, Music/Art, Geography/Culture, and English/Literature. Here are the questions, correct answers, and student answer percentages.

Question #1: History and Politics: Who was the thirteenth president of the United States?

  1. Franklin Pierce C. Millard Fillmore
  2. Chester Arthur D. Michael Dukakis

A: 30%. B: 10%. C: 60%. D: 0%.

Like most students answered, the correct answer was C, Millard Fillmore.

Question #2: Science and Animals: Which cereal has more genes than people?

  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch C. Cheerios
  2. Raisin Bran D. Cornflakes

A: 20%. B: 40%. C: 20%. D: 20%.    Contrary to most students’ answers, the correct answer was D, Cornflakes.

Question #3: Music and Art: What is the longest-running musical on Broadway (time since opening)?

  1. The Phantom of the Opera C. Les Misérables
  2. Cats D. A Chorus Line

A: 50%. B: 20%. C: 20%. D: 10%

Again, like most students responded, the correct option was A, The Phantom of the Opera.

Question #4: Geography and Culture: What is the capital of the Kazakhstan?

  1. Bucharest C. Riyadh
  2. Astana D. Jakarta

A: 20%. B: 40%. C: 40%. D: 10%.

The correct answer was B, Astana.

Question #5: English and Literature: When was William Shakespeare’s Macbeth written?

  1. 1598 C. 1602
  2. 1611 D. 1606

A: 0%. B: 20%. C: 40%. D: 30%.

Surprisingly, the correct year was D, 1606.

Pin Oak was put the test and didn’t perform that poorly!