By Lauren Holcomb

Recently, a species of caterpillars has infested the Houston area. You may have seen these 16-legged creatures outside or inside the doors of Pin Oak Middle School. With this recent flush of insects comes questioning of why these caterpillars are here and what threat do they bring us?

The caterpillars seen here are black with yellow stripes, orange feet, and white fuzz. They are migrating down south because of the colder weather appearing up north. With all the gardening and plants brought inside, our little friends seem to come along.

This species of caterpillar hasn’t been identified yet, but one can conclude that they will most likely turn into moths in upcoming months. Most students have been killing these creatures whenever spotted, but please do not! Ms. Roth, the Urban Agriculture teacher, stated, “It’s just nature. Just in case, always take precaution around caterpillars of any sort, but these seem harmless. Let them be.”

These creatures are all over Houston, but remember, they are harmless! Leave them alone as they will to you. We love the overall environment at Pin Oak, so don’t kill it, embrace it! It’s just nature, and once the cold weather up north disappears, our friends will be gone.