By Sarah E. Fernandez

Advanced Theatre has recently attended zone and district competitions. Pin Oak’s Advanced Theatre placed in the top three at the zoned competition, which consisted of two rounds. At the district competition, the cast performed “Bob: A Life in Five Acts.” This play consisted of the life of Bob, an orphan, and the journey through his life, which he learns to work through the struggles of a deranged childhood. During the weeks leading up to their competition, cast members such as 8th graders, Sami Leder and Michael Lewinbuk, and 7th graders, Leah Mei Guttentag and Nicholas Lam, practiced up to four times a week. In addition, they also practiced in class. Ms. Boffone, the theatre teacher, said that their cast was led to win by lots and lots of hard work and focus. She added that they celebrated by having cake with the word “BOB” in icing that a parent brought. The cast and crew definitely worked hard on their production, and it seemed to pay off!