By Jenna Greenberg

I interviewed a representative for the boys and girls basketball teams and documented their responses. They are both similar yet different in many ways and won’t fail to catch your interest.

Boy’s Basketball Representative: Girl’s Basketball Representative:

Lorel Fotso                                                                       Kat Kelly

14 years old, 8th Grade, A house               14 years old, 8th Grade, A house


  • Are you excited for this year’s season?


Boys: “Yes, I’m very excited for Pin Oak boys’ basketball season because we have Coach Carter as our new coach, and throughout practice and conditioning, I feel like we’re ready to take the challenge.”

Girls: “Yes, I love the girls that are on the team. We had a blast last year, and I’m looking forward to dominate again.”


  • How do you think the team will do this year overall?


Boys: “I feel like overall the team will do very well because not just because we got new players, but also because we’ve built team chemistry, and we love playing with one another.”

Girls: “Thinking back at last year, we did very well. I think this year will be the same.”


  • Who’s better at basketball, boys or girls?


Boys: “I feel like for our division, the boys are good for the boys, and the girls are good for the girls. There’s no comparison.”

Girls: “In my opinion, they’re two different ball games. It’s too much to compare.”