By Kat Kelley

As you know there are 3 house principals, Mr. Alaniz, Mrs. Bowman, and Mrs. Ballard. In this week’s Getting to Know, Mrs. Bowman is our subject. Teachers do have a life outside of school. I know, weird right? Most of the students think that teachers life revolves all around school, school, and more school. Most students also can’t imagine any teachers doing regular things like going out to eat, going to a party, or even walking around the park.

Mrs. Bowman has had many experiences in schools. She was a biology teacher for West Side High School and she helped research for the University of Texas before she got into administration. She worked as an assistant principal at Westbury High School before she came to POMS.

Her family life is “organized chaos” she said. There seems to be something always going on. She has a 3 year old and a 1 and a half year old at home. When she is not at school working, she is spending time with her family, such as going to the park, going to dinner, or taking them to fun places. She also has a husband with whom she went to London and Paris to visit her sister. “It was a long week full of fun” she said, “It was by far the best vacation I’ve ever been on.”

The thing that she loves most about the kids in Pin Oak is that she gets to see all the diverse students really having fun in their non-academic classrooms and getting to see what path they want to take by their electives and clubs.