By Emily Jones

Oh, midterms – how we dread them! They’re the one thing we have to get through until we can enjoy two full weeks of holiday fun and relaxation. Midterms can seem pretty stressful, but with these tips, they won’t be so bad!

The first step might seem pretty obvious, but it’s definitely one of the most important things to do before midterms – get organized. If your graded work or study guides are not organized, it will be harder to gather information to study.  Get together with some friends and have a study session! Studying with a friend or two (if done efficiently) can take some stress off of midterms.

Another tip would be to not procrastinate. If studying or projects are put to the side, it will cause stress levels to rise and grades to fall. Put together an agenda for projects and get a little done each day. That way, it won’t be so overwhelming to finish a project in time!

Finally, the last tip would be to relax. That’s right – chill. Don’t spend every minute stressing about this test or that project. Take some time to just sit back and enjoy life. Be sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water before taking these tests.

Midterms have caused a lot of worry among the Pin Oak community, but with these tips, these tedious tests should be a breeze!