By Nadia Apolinar

One of the most popular pastimes as this year was YouTube. Here are the top five YouTubers you may or may not know. Many of these YouTubers have at least one million followers.

The most popular YouTuber is PewDiePie. He is 27 years old and has 49 million subscribers and counting. The types of videos he makes includes gaming and funny videos.

The second most popular person would be Colleen Ballinger, altho she is better known as Miranda Sings the funny and loveable person that she made up. She is 29 years old. She is how getting divorced with her husband Joshua Evans. With her main and Miranda’s channel she has at least one billion subscribers and counting. Her videos are cover songs as her and Miranda and she also does famous challenges.She also has a Netflix show known as,” Haters Back OFF”.

The third most famous YouTuber is Zoe Sugg she is 26 years old. Her channel named Zoella. She has eleven million subscribers. She is a british YouTuber. A fun fact about Zoella is that she was in a Harry Potter movie. The types of videos she does include fashion, beauty, tutorials, and many more varieties.

The fourth famous is Annie LeBlanc. She is 11 years old and has been on YouTube for over five years. She has five million subscribers. Her most viewed YouTube videos are the gymnastic and makeup ones. Her family has a YouTube channel that vlogs their everyday life.

Last but not least, the fifth most popular is Ricegum. His popularity raised when he made a video roasting the kids on a famous app called musical.ly. Not only that but he roasts many other people and does gaming videos. He is 19 years old. He has four million subscribers and counting. He also has a vlog channel. Ricegum is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels.