By Jenna Mark

When Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige hit the stores on September 20, fans of her previous work, the Dorothy Must Die series, were lined up for miles. Expecting another mind-blowing retelling of a classic book in an interesting and unique way, many readers were disappointed that the book did not live up to its expectations. Although the idea of the book and the cover are unique and original, many found themselves uninterested with the story.

The general concept of the book was that Snow has spent most of her life locked away at a mental institution after she tried to walk through a mirror. Although life in a mental institution is not ideal, she manages to finds Bale, someone who understands her. When he is taken from her, she must venture to an unknown land to save him. But what she learns while on her rescue mission will forever change her life and everything she has ever known.

The first major issue with the book was the writing itself. The writing was plain, awkward and at times, and confusing. There was little to no imagery throughout the book. The world building is non-existent and many wanted to know more about the world itself, about the people who lived there, and how it was divided. Another issue was that the plot was fast paced and sloppy. It had weak characters that most readers could not relate to at all. Finally, the last major issue was the geometrical relationship. Snow ventured to the unknown land to locate and rescue her true love Bale, but she instead gets sidetracked and falls in love with two other men. This leads the readers to believe that Snow doesn’t know what love is and is completely naive in every way. And at the very end of the story, the author makes a last attempt to keep the reader captivated by condensing almost all of the action into a few pages and contradicting all of her previous statements by adding multiple plot twists, instead of having these twists and the action spread throughout the book.    

Truthfully, this book did not deserve any hype at all. It is sloppy and the plot was way too confusing for the readers to follow. An overall rating for this book would have to be a 2 out of 5 because it was not a good read. Overall, just stay away from this book.