By Sami Leder

You may think you know everything there is to know about the holidays: holiday traditions, the stories behind each holiday, what each symbolizes, and loads more. However, you may be surprised and stumped by these tricky holiday trivia questions.

  1. Approximately how much money did the average American spend on Black Friday last year?

            A.$523 C. $634

            B.$298 D. $407

  1. What is the difference between gold and silver Hanukkah gelt?

           A. Gold gelt is bigger than silver C. Silver tastes better

           B. Gold is milk chocolate and silver is dark chocolate D. Gold costs more

  1. How much does household waste increase between Thanksgiving and New Years?

          A. 25% C. 10%

          B. 40% D. 15%

  1. The first candy canes were created in 1670 in what European country?

           A. The United Kingdom C. Germany

           B. France D. The Netherlands

  1. Approximately how many people end up in the ER due to injuries from holiday decorating?

           A. 4600 C. 3400

           B. 5800 D. 6700





1: D

2: B

3: A

4: C

5: B  

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