By Leah Mei Guttentag

From the flute to the french horn, band provides a unique opportunity to gain experience and skill playing an instrument. Taught by Mr. Todd, this elective also gives students chances to play around Houston. While 6th graders can start out in beginner or even intermediate band, 7th & 8th graders are allowed to audition to be in the advanced band class.

All band classes get a locker for their instrument, and shared lockers are given out for smaller instruments. Students are responsible for the contents of their locker. Lockers usually store instruments during the day. Luckily, the band room is open in the morning, so band students don’t have to carry their instruments around during the day.

During the day, students may not spend a lot of time with their instruments, but at night they will be spending plenty. Practice time out of school is required to total at least 140 minutes a week, and video assignments are also required. Speaking of out of school commitments, there are also regular concerts, estimated to be about once a month. Concerts last from 3:30 to 8 or 9:30. Participation is mandatory, and students are graded based on their performance. Between practice time and concerts, students should ensure they have enough free time before committing themselves to band. Others grades include tests, which usually encompass certain sections of music.

This year, both advanced and intermediate theater are going to Great Wolf Lodge to perform. This is sure to be an enriching experience for all band members. The trip will be happening next semester. Whether students play the clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, or another instrument, band is sure to be the place for them.