By Chloe Atha

Every winter, the dance department puts on a winter dance show, where the dance and hip hop classes showcase the dances they had been working on in the fall. The dance and hip hop classes, taught by Ms. Reilly and Mr. H, have been working on their dances for about a month and a half. They have been teaching the students the dance and hip hop basics. The students, with new costumes bought this year and new dancing skills, are ready to dazzle the crowds.

The dance show started off with a team jazz dance performed by the company and crew. Following the company and crew performance, the 2nd period dance class went on dancing to the song “Castle”. Between the performances West U Dance danced to the song “Dead in the Water”., which received standing ovations from the crowd. Continuing with the show, 3rd period hip-hop and dance performed back-to-back amazing numbers. After a special treat from the Lamar dance officers, the 4th period dance and 5th period hip-hop danced. Then West U Dance danced a contemporary number for the crowd, followed by the 6th and 7th period classes. Second to last, West U Dance performed a comedic dance about the Wizard of Oz, to the song “Ease on Down the Road.” Finally, the last dance of the night performed by the 8th period dance class. They danced to the classic song “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys.

Despite the technical difficulties before the 7th period dance, the whole show went quite smoothly. The crowd cheered after every performance wanting more and more. After the show the gym was alive with congratulations and hugging. All in all the show was a great success. The friends and family of the performers beamed with happiness after the show ended.