By Jenna Mark

On Friday, December 2, 8th grade students voted in their main election. The margin was narrow but, Tommy Lai from B House and the Bronco Party won the majority of the votes and claimed the position of 8th grade president. With the “Gr8 election day” done and over and winter break quickly approaching, election buzz is dying down. Students will get a chance to see if the Lai campaign holds up to its promises when they return from the break.

“We wrapped up a very close election today, one that went down to the last class-state in the last period of the day,” said Mr. Alaniz. “The House A Region class-state of Firework cast the deciding votes in clinching the election for Tommy Lai.” Lai and his vice president, McHaley Ho (C House) took the election with 37 electoral college votes. Close behind was Paige Hoffer and her vice presidential candidate Lindsey Hou, with 28 electoral college votes. The popular vote was a close margin as well with Lai taking 179, Hoffer taking 168, and Pastore taking 22.

Since election day is over, it’s important for students to know what will happen next. Students should have been actively participating in the election because now students will create a project that shows the “history” of the election corresponding to their part in the election and a self-reflection. The project can be a display, website, position paper, or even a performance. Students’ self-reflections should include supporting evidence and describe: their role, their party’s platform, testimonials of at least two campaign staff members about the experience, the highlights of each stage of the election, and a conclusion. The major project is due on the week of December 9th or 12th.