1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

A. Intelligent       C. Fierce


B. Strong               D. Relaxed



  1.  Who do you hang out with on the weekends?

A. I don’t have friends                    C. All my friends


B. A couple of my close friends    D. My rock, my soul, my bff



  1.  Who do you trust most?


A. Nobody               C. I tell everyone everything

B. My parents        D. Only my REAL friends



  1.  How would you spend your ideal day?

A. Camping and traveling      C.  HARDCORE WATERPARK


B. Sleeeeeeeep                            D.  Reading by the fireplace



  1.  What’s your favorite T-Swift song?


A. I Knew You Were Trouble       C.  22

B. Blank Space                                 D.  Love Story



MOSTLY A’s:  Wolf       MOSTLY C’s: Fox

MOSTLY B’s:  Bear        MOSTLY D’s: Owl

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